Madam S H Ho Residence


RMS provides 155 single room in total and each is equipped with a bed, a wardrobe, a bookshelf, a study desk, a chair, a sink, window-type air-conditioner and free network services

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Located on 1/F to 6/F, each with cooking utensils, hot water boiler and a fridge

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Toilet/Shower room

Located on LG/F to 6/F, each with shared toilets and shower cubicles

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Laundry Services  

Located on G/F, 2 washing machines and 2 drying machines are Octopus-operated for residents’ use. Outdoor clothes hanging area is located on 7/F roof


Study Room

Study room with study cubicles is located on G/F



Lounge G01 and G02 are located on G/F


Printing and Photocopying Services

Located on G/F study room with a desktop computer for residents’ use. Printing and photo-copying (B&W and coloured) self-service are available at G/F lobby payable by Octopus Card


Mini Gym Room

Located on G/F. A mini gym room is equipped with 2 treadmills, exercise cycle, dumbbell set for both residents of RMS and PMR

Roof Garden

Located on 7/F with chairs and tables for leisure use

Vending Machines

Located at G/F front garden, cold drinks are sold from vending machines and payable by coins or Octopus Card


Wifi Network

Provided in all bedrooms and common area for all residents for free


(Photos taken by Mr. WB Wong)