Madam S H Ho Residence for Medical Students (RMS) and Patrick Manson Student Residence (PMR) are designated to accommodate clinical MBBS students for “Compulsory Residence” during specific specialty clerkships, while the remaining bedspaces will be assigned to other students or visitors under LKS Faculty of Medicine subject to availability.

Compulsory Residence (for MBBS students in specific specialty clerkships)

Voluntary Residence (for MBBS students only)

Overseas Elective Students / Visitors’ Stay Arranged by the Faculty / Department

  • Only elective students or visitors arranged by HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine and its departments are eligible for temporary stay in RMS or PMR.
  • Application must be made through a staff member of the Faculty or Department which the students/ visitors are afflilated with.
  • Enquiry: RMS – / PMR –