Short-term Residence in PMR (April – June 2016)

To       : All MBBS Students
From   : Hall Management Office, Patrick Manson Student Residence

Dear MBBS students,

Short-term Residence in Patrick Manson Student Residence

Due to final year resident early move-out and less demand in compulsory residence, Patrick Manson Student Residence (PMR) is pleased to offer vacant bedspaces with short-term residence period from April to June 30, 2016 to all MBBS students on first-come-first-served basis. Actual residential period varies subject to each bedspace availability.

Interested students, please email the followings to with email subject “Apply for PMR short-term residence (Your Name in English – Your UID)” after 7am on April 16, 2016. Early submission (ie: before 7am on April 16, 2016) will NOT be entertained. Bedspaces will be allocated on first-come-first-served basis by email timestamp.

1. Name in English:
2. UID:
3. Gender:
4. Year:
5. Contact number:
6. Preferred roommate(s)* (if any):
7. Remarks (if any):
*Please understand that it is NOT guaranteed to arrange preferred roommate(s) in the same room.

Successful applicants will be notified by email with the offer details and required to complete move-in procedure within 2-4 days upon notification.

For enquiry, please contact Patrick Manson Student Residence at or at 2817 8700. Thank you very much.


Hall Management Office
Patrick Manson Student Residence
April 14, 2016